Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-  How do I maintain my end grain cutting board?

A-  Apply a food grade mineral oil to your board whenever it looks dry or dull.  Periodic applications will ensure years and years of use.

Q-  Can I use vegetable or another cooking oil to maintain my end grain board?

A-  NOOOO!!! Vegetable or nut oils will turn rancid over time and will make you board smell, and more than likely making them unusable. 

Q-  Will my end grain cutting board ever need to be refinished?

A-  If properly maintained, not likely. End grain has a self healing property, absorbing the edge of your knife, thus not leaving deep cut lines in the surface like you would get in a face or edge grain board. However, do NOT use serrated or bread knives on it, they WILL ruin it.

Q-  Is my end grain cutting board dishwasher safe?

A-  No. This is a wood product.  If put in a dishwasher or submerged in a sink of water, it will warp, split or crack, making it unrepairable.  To clean, simply wipe with warm soapy water, immediately dry, and set out to finish drying in the open air.